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Bundesliga – 16. – 17.12.2014

Hi followers!

Here are my selections for Tuesday and Wednesday:


Tuesday, 16.12.2014 Bundesliga

  • Bayern VS Freiburg [Bayern Win to Nil / 1.66@Betfair] – 2 points
  • Köln VS Mainz [Both teams to score: YES / 1.90@Betfair] – 2 points
  • Hannover VS Augsburg [Over 3.5 goals / 3.60@Betfair] – 1 point


Wednesday, 17.12.2014 Bundesliga

  • Frankfurt VS Hertha Berlin [Frankfurt Draw no Bet / 1.53@Betfair] – 3 points
  • Dortmund VS Wolfsburg [Both teams to score: YES / 1.58@Betfair] – 3 points
  • Hoffenheim VS Leverkusen [Double Chance: Home or Draw / 1.72@Betfair] – 2 points


Good luck this weekend!

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Bundesliga – 05.10.


Saturday, 05.10.2013

  • MGladbach VS Dortmund [BTTS: YES / 1.64@Betfair]
  • MGladbach VS Dortmund [Over 2.5 goals / 1.66@Betfair]
  • Mainz VS Hoffenheim [Mainz Draw no Bet / 1.76@Betfair]
  • Schalke VS Augsburg [Over 2.5 goals / 1.8@Betfair]
  • Wolfsburg VS Braunschweig [Wolfsburg -1 / 1.75@Betfair]


Good luck!!

Bundesliga – 27. – 29.09.2013

This weekend looks like there will be some surprises in the Bundesliga, be cautious and i would advise to use lower stakes. Here are my tips for the weekend:

Friday, 27.9.


  • Augsburg VS MGladbach [Augsburg Draw no Bet / 1.82@Betfair]


Saturday, 28.9.


  • Hertha Berlin VS Mainz [Both teams to score: YES / 1.71@Betfair]
  • Hoffenheim VS Schalke [Schalke Draw no Bet / 1.83@Betfair]
  • Frankfurt VS Hamburg [Frankfurt WIN / 1.87@Betfair]


Sunday, 29.9.


  • Bremen VS Nürnberg [Double Chance Draw or Away / 1.73@Betfair]
  • Braunschweig VS Stuttgart [Under 2.5 goals / 2.06@Betfair]


Good luck this weekend!!

Bundesliga 20. – 22.9.2013

Here are my selections for the upcoming Bundesliga weekend:


Friday, 20.09.


  • MGladbach VS Braunschweig [Under 2.5 goals / 2.3@Betfair]


2. Bundesliga

  • Köln VS Kaiserslautern [Over 2.5 goals / 1.85@Betfair]


Saturday, 21.09.


  • Hannover VS Augsburg [Hannover Draw no Bet / 1.83@Betfair]
  • Mainz VS Leverkusen [Over 2.5 goals / 1.77@Betfair]
  • Hamburg VS Bremen [Over 2.5 goals / 1.71@Betfair]
  • Dortmund VS Nürnberg [Under 3.5 goals / 1.69@Betfair]

2. Bundesliga

  • 1860 München VS Erzgebirge Aue [Under 2.5 goals / 1.88@Betfair]


Sunday, 22.09.


  • Freiburg VS Hertha Berlin [Freiburg Draw no Bet / 1.85@Betfair]
  • Stuttgart VS Frankfurt [Over 2.5 goals / 1.78@Betfair]


Good Luck this weekend!!

Champions League – 18.09.13

Good evening followers!

We had 3 out of 3 bets correct in yesterdays Champions League games so i give it another try today:


Champions League, 18.09.13

  • Napoli VS Dortmund [Over 2.5 goals / 1.71@Betfair]
  • Schalke VS Bukarest [Over 2.5 goals / 1.85@Betfair]
  • Austria Wien VS Porto [Both teams to score: YES / 2.14@Betfair]

Champions League – 17.09.13

Hi followers,

after the great Bundesliga weekend with 5 out of 6 correct tips and the Goals-Treble as a winner, i have some tips for the Champions League games today. Good luck!


Champions League, 17.09.13

  • Manchester United VS Leverkusen [Over 2.5 goals / 1.88@Betfair]
  • Galatasaray VS Real Madrid [Over 2.5 goals / 1.62@Betfair]
  • Olympiakos Vs PSG [PSG Draw no Bet / 1.54@Betfair]

Bundesliga 13. – 15.9.13

Hi followers,

after the start of the Bundesliga which was not that good for my tips, i am back to form now and will do my best to bash the bookis this weekend! There was a one-week break and the teams should be in good form. There are always “these teams” where you never know what they are like at the moment but i expect good results of Bayern, Dortmund & Leverkusen. Interesting to see if Schalke will continue to win after the good result against Leverkusen. I am away this weekend so all tips for this weekend in one post. Here are my selections for this weekend:


Friday, 13.09.


Berlin VS Stuttgart [Stuttgart Draw no Bet / 2.38@Betfair]

Saturday, 14.09.


Bayern München VS Hannover [Both teams to score: YES / 2.1@Betfair]

Bremen VS Eintracht Frankfurt [Over 2.5 goals / 1.91@Betfair]

Mainz VS Schalke [Schalke Draw no Bet / 1.92@Betfair]

Leverkusen VS Wolfsburg [Leverkusen WIN / 1.83@Betfair]

Sunday, 15.09.


Hoffenheim VS MGladbach [Over 2.5 goals / 1.7@Betfair]



Dortmund, Hoffenheim & Leverkusen games [Each game over 2.5 goals / Treble pays about 3.5@Betfair]


Dortmund, Hoffenheim & Bremen games [Each game BTTS: YES / Treble pays about 4.0@Betfair]

Good luck for all this weekend!!


Bundesliga 31.08. – 02.09.2013

Hi followers!

As i am away over the weekend i post my tips very early this week which means today:)

Good luck this weekend!


Saturday, 31.08.


  • Hannover VS Mainz [Both teams to score: YES / 1.71@Betfair]
  • Hamburg VS Braunschweig [Under 2.5 goals / 2.12@Betfair]
  • Schalke VS Leverkusen [Over 2.5 goals / 1.64@Betfair]
  • Nürnberg VS Augsburg [Under 2.5 goals / 1.86@Betfair]

2. Bundesliga

  • Union Berlin VS St. Pauli [Over 2.5 goals / 1.96@Betfair]


Sunday, 01.09.


  • Stuttgart VS Hoffenheim [Hoffenheim Draw no Bet / 2.22@Betfair]


Monday, 02.09.

2. Bundesliga

  • Kaiserslautern VS Cottbus [Over 2.5 goals / 1.83@Betfair]

Bundesliga, 23. – 25.08.13

Here are my selections for this weekend, it was hard to find any value in todays match between Dortmund and Bremen but i expect a low-scoring affair:


Friday, 23.08.


  • Dortmund VS Bremen [Under 3.5 goals / 1.84@Betfair]

2. Bundesliga

  • Aue VS Cottbus [Under 2.5 goals / 1.83@Betfair]


Saturday, 24.08.


  • Hannover VS Schalke [Hannover Draw no Bet / 1.96@Betfair]
  • Mainz VS Wolfsburg [Over 2.5 goals / 1.81@Betfair]
  • Leverkusen VS MGladbach [Leverkusen WIN / 1.7@Betfair]
  • Hoffenheim VS Freiburg [Both teams to score: YES / 1.7@Betfair]

2. Bundesliga

  • Aalen VS Kaiserslautern [Kaiserslautern WIN / 2.02@Betfair]
  • Kaiserslautern DNB & Greuter Fürth DNB [Double pays about 2.2@Betfair]


Sunday, 25.08.


  • Braunschweig VS Eintracht Frankfurt [Under 2.5 goals / 1.86@Betfair]

2. Bundesliga

  • FSV Frankfurt VS Union Berlin [Both teams to score: YES / 1.72@Betfair]


Good luck this weekend!!